Monday, September 24, 2007

Returning Home Again...

The leaves are changing here on these hills and the geese are flying above and calling out their dramatic songs. We remember our roots in the Jewish tradition in the celebration of the Holy Day, Yom Kippur this past Friday. We also honor our source of earth-centered wisdom in celebrating the Fall Equinox – a balancing of light and dark on that same day. It is time to return home again, to our congregations and to ourselves. It is a time of remembering and a balancing of our actions. Have we said or done things that we regret? Are there areas of our lives that need to be examined? This is a turning of the year and a time for reflection.


Blogger Robin Edgar said...

"Have U*Us said or done things that U*Us regret? Are there areas of U*U lives that need to be examined?"

Indeed it was a head turning time of the year and a time for U*U reflection.

4:53 PM  
Blogger vintagecarole said...

Here is another way to end the year:
Our Chalice Project has 5 - 9.5"small brass chalices & 7 - 12" tall brass chalices. See a short slideshow here: (copy paste address)

We ask you to look at the photos and order one for yourself or your fellowship!! They are affordable! We had them made in India and we have "made a difference". You can, too. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009. From One UUwoman and an Indian Muslim who made a difference.

6:32 PM  

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